BunkFest are proud to announce that award winning, local breweries Loddon Brewery and Loose Cannon have joined the festival as joint sponsors for 2017. Part of their sponsorship involves the two breweries collaborating on two exclusive beers for the festival, so be sure to look out for BunkFest Bitter and BunkFest Pale!

At BunkFest our selection of beers is as varied as the artists! Situated on the Kinecroft, head down to the beer tent for a great selection of over 20 real ales, with an emphasis on local independent brewers.

Our Main Stage Bar will be serving beers exclusively from our sponsors, Loddon and Loose Cannon.

Whether you are a seasoned real ale drinker, or have never tried “proper” beer before, you should be able to find a beer style that suits you. We have a range of styles from Stouts to Golden Ales.

Opening Times

  • Friday 12:00 pm (noon) - 11:00pm
  • Saturday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Sunday 12:00 pm (noon) - 10:00 pm

Ordering Your Beer

Beers are arranged alphabetically behind the bar. For quicker service, choose beers that are alphabetically close to where you are queuing!

For a Quick Pint, Join the Loddon / Loose Cannon Lane!

Look out for our sponsors dedicated bar area, serving their collaboration beer. No dithering about choosing which beer to try, just grab a pint of an excellent ale and go! (Friday and Saturday PM only)

New to Real Ale?

If you’re new to real ale then consult our Tasting Notes, available at the bar. Our bar staff are all volunteers, so please be kind to them and be patient at busy times. If you are visiting us on Sunday, then please be prepared for the choice of beer to diminish as the day progresses.

Local Beer is Best!

As well as the excellent beers supplied by Loddon & Loose Cannon, we have a variety of local independent breweries close to Wallingford producing some excellent beers.

Lager Drinker?

Do not despair, we have plenty of locally brewed chilled lager available throughout the weekend.

Cider Drinker?

We have a great range of real ciders available, from a number of producers. These include Tutt’s Clump from Berkshire and Red Dog Cider in Benson. These are complimented by the ever popular Weston’s ciders from Herefordshire.

Wine & Soft Drinks

A range of wine and soft drinks are also available.

Re-Usable Souvenir Beer Glasses

Since 2012 we have only sold drinks in re-usable souvenir glasses. This has considerably reduced our waste generation and also means you spill less of your pints as the souvenir glasses are far more robust.

You will be able to buy them from The Festival Bar when getting your first drink, from the Festival Shop and online two weeks before the event.