After the success of last 2 years we’re holdng another Silent Disco at BunkFest. This will be run by Flash FM and located on the Kinecroft Dance Stage on Friday and Saturday nights, from 5:30pm to 7pm for kids, then from 7pm to 10:30pm for adults.

For those who don’t know what a Silent Disco is, it’s where people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones. Those without the headphones hear no music, giving the effect of a group of people dancing to nothing!

Music sent to individual headphones can also be different, so one person might be dancing to reggae while another dances to 80’s disco!

There will be a small charge for the Silent Disco and we do need to take a deposit to cover any potential damage or loss of the headphones. Once you return your headphones in full working order we’ll refund the deposit to you.

So dust off your dancing shoes and get ready to throw some shapes!