BunkFest present Andy Kershaw’s one-man show in support of the Wallingford Corn Exchange 21 C Theatre Fund.

Andy Kershaw truly has no off switch. Already he’s lived ten lives to everybody’s one. As a teenager, he was promoting major rock gigs at Leeds University. He was Billy Bragg’s driver and roadie one day and presenting Whistle Test and Live Aid the next.

A passionate music enthusiast, he is a man with an obsessive curiosity about the world. Over a twenty‐five year career, he has worked for the Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen, shared an office with John Peel and has amassed a record collection that weighs more than seven tons.

A fearless adventurer, he has visited 97 countries and, as a rock & roll war correspondent ‐ for Radio 4 and the broadsheets ‐ he has reported from some of the world’s most perilous places including Iraq, Sierra Leone, North Korea, Angola and Haiti. Andy was one of very few journalists to be an eyewitness to the Rwanda genocide. He has won more Sony Radio awards than any other broadcaster.

Rebel. Maverick. Front‐line music fanatic. Citizen of the World: Andy’s autobiography (yes, he did write it all by himself) propels you through his life with a sense of moment‐by‐moment aliveness, outrage, wit, xuberance and searing honesty. This is his story of a life lived at dizzying speed ‐ High Fidelity amplified ten‐fold. In a war zone. And it’s not over yet.

Andy Kershaw was born in Rochdale in 1959. In his early twenties ‐ but looking about 11 ‐ he presented The Whistle Test and Live Aid for the BBC and for most of the past twenty‐five years has had a weekly BBC radio show, pioneering extraordinary music from all over the world. He is also a serious foreign correspondent, and has reported from some of the world’s most dangerous or secretive countries for BBC Radio News, Radio 4’’s From Your Own Correspondent, and for The Observer, The Independent and The Daily Telegraph. Recently, and to fulfill a lifelong ambition, Andy has been training to be a Wall of Death rider. He is constantly touring with his one man show, The Adventures of Andy Kershaw, and has become a regular reporter for BBC1’s The One Show.

Andy says his motivation, in all areas of life, is the pursuit of his favourite sensation ‐ What the f**k is this? And whether it applies to foreign adventures, romances, motorcycles or relationships with a piece of music, he has always lived by his most reliable maxim ‐ If you’re going to have one, have a big ‘un.

Andy’s one-man show, The Adventures of Andy Kershaw, has become a hugely successful highlight of many literary festivals - including a sold-out appearance at Hay on Wye - and a popular draw at theatres and arts centres. Fascinating and often hilarious, the two hour audiovisual presentation treats the audience to recollections on a life spent on the front lines of rock & roll, and on the front lines of some of the world’s most extreme and dangerous countries.

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