Wallingford Museum is a colourful, delightfully intimate and family friendly local history museum, housed on two floors of this medieval oak-beamed building in the heart of Wallingford in Oxfordshire, a Thames-side town founded in the tenth century by Alfred the Great. From the Museum's windows, you can see the remains of the great ramparts of Alfred's planned town.

Wallingford Museum has three special offers for the town’s BunkFest.

Extended Opening Hours

  • Tuesday to Friday 2pm - 5pm
  • Saturday 10.30am - 5pm
  • Sunday 10.30am - 5pm

Special Admission Prices

Secondly, between Friday 1st and Sunday 3rd Sept the Museum is offering a special 2-for-1 admission. Two adults can enjoy the Museum for just £5 in total (normally £5 each). Accompanied children are FREE.

As well as the "Wallingford Story" exhibition, and a display about Midsomer Murders (Wallingford is Causton, in the TV series!) there are two new special exhibitions entitled '1066 - William comes to Wallingford!' (find out why William the Conqueror came to Wallingford after the battle to cross the River Thames with his army! But why did he choose Wallingford?), and '300 years of Cartoons' (a spectacular private collection has been brought together to show interesting, and often hilarious examples of the development and use of cartoons from their origins and through the last three centuries). Also see the exhibition “At home with the Queen of Crime” featuring world-renowned author Agatha Christie who lived with her archaeologist husband Max Mallowan in Winterbrook House, Wallingford, from 1934 till her death in 1976. Many of her novels were written there.

Festival Walk

Thirdly, on Sunday 3rd Sept, you are invited to take a gentle stroll around our lovely historic town, ably led by a member of The Wallingford Historical & Archaeological Society. TWHAS is very active in the town, running the Wallingford Museum, researching the town's history and presenting talks throughout the year.

The walk is FREE (donations never refused!), but it would also be an excellent opportunity to combine it with a visit to the Museum to see the '1066 - William comes to Wallingford!' and ' 300 years of Cartoons” exhibitions and to learn the latest local research about Agatha Christie. Meet for the walk at Wallingford Museum at 11am, and be back by 1pm.

Meet for the walk at Wallingford Museum at 11am, and be back by 1pm.