You are welcome to do some 'al fresco' performing of your own during BunkFest. We have organised a number of Busker's Boltholes where you will be welcomed rather than moved on. We are happy to see all types of busking performance including mime, juggling, singing, dancing, poetry and story-telling.


Busker's Bolthole #1

This is at the entrance to Hart Street next to Sportswize Sports Shop. This is the main route from the town centre to the Comrades Club and the Cattle Market car park in Wood Street. Available Friday afternoon to Sunday evening.

Busker's Bolthole #2

This is outside the KP Stationers in Feathers Yard on all days. The Street Fair will be in the town on Saturday and Sunday so position yourselves carefully as Feathers Yard will have a lot of foot traffic.


You are welcome to busk at any of the Festival bus stops (see map on back cover). Hundreds of vehicles a day will use the free Festival Park & Ride shuttle service so there will be a continuously changing audience.


  • Don’t compete with other buskers. If someone is already performing, then, when they have finished that part of their act, get their attention and they will let you in AFTER the next part of their performance ( song or mime or what)
  • Everyone is allowed to do a minimum of two consecutive items before letting someone else in. If you are the one performing and want to do more than one more item then, as long as only one person is waiting, ask them if that would be ok when they approach you
  • Be polite. If you are using amplification then consider other people when setting the volume, and obviously don’t be a nuisance
  • Always acknowledge applause

Notes: If you are a singer and want to get a crowd then sing songs that people will know and recognise. If you are not Leonard Cohen then choose up beat music. Practise just a few tunes but play them at each venue.