You can arrive from 2pm onwards on Thursday and no later than 8pm. Please report to the campsite reception marquee. If you are delayed and arrive between 8pm and 10pm you will be directed by security to check-in in the Clubhouse.
Yes, please touch base with the campsite reception volunteers upon arrival to make your request. However, we strongly advise that, due to limited spaces, you arrive soon after your friends or family.
Unfortunately not, sorry.
We have no problem with using a small quiet generator, we would ask you to be considerate to others and switch off by 9pm.
Yes, but you will be charged a £10 booking charge in addition to the standard charges so we strongly advise you to take advantage of the website booking service.
Unfortunately not.
5-10 minutes in the FREE BunkFest Bus or a 15 minute walk.
Yes you can assuming its before the 4th August 2022. Refunds are processed within 7 days.
As this is a festival campsite, and alcoholic beverages will have been imbibed, we cannot be responsible for noise within the campsite, although our security services have been instructed to request that noise is minimised. The campsite borders the Wallingford bypass so there is likely be some road traffic noise.

Site C is the biggest area and normally the quieter,
You are welcome to leave at any time but please consider your fellow campers. The latest you can leave is midday on the Monday.
This is a Sports Park and no dogs are allowed due to the health and safety reasons
Under 5's go Free, but still require a ticket. 5-17 years require a Youth ticket.