The "Singing Train"

One of the very few places in the country where you can play two tunes quarter of a mile apart! Take a ride on the Bunk, with musical accompaniment on every trip. Performers this year include Bunkfest favourites Alhambra with their Old Time Music Hall repertoire, Lucy Quinn’s traditional folk and new local duo the Dusty Sundays. Buskers and dancers on the platform add extra atmosphere, including the amazing Caroline Watsham with her musical saw!

Over the Bunkfest weekend, the ‘singing train’ runs at five past the hour from 11am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets cost £10 for adults and £5 for children (under-5s go free) and can be purchased from the Station Offices at either end of the CWR line. Or you can buy a ‘Wallingford Rover’ ticket from local stations (Reading, Oxford etc) which includes travel on the ‘Bunk Line’.

This year we will be running extra trains between Wallingford and Cholsey right up to just before 11pm on Saturday and until 6pm on Sunday, see our website / facebook for further details. Our tickets normally allow for unlimited travel on the day of purchase but this year, for just £2 for adults and less for Children, your ticket can be used multiple times on BOTH days of Bunkfest. This saves you the problems of parking or the cost of a late night taxi fare!and maybe later, and you can buy a pint (or two) at the station or on the train.

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