We're really excited to announce our dance line-up this year some brilliant teams are making their BunkFest debuts and we welcome back lots of old friends there are forty two dance teams in total! You can see Cotswold, Border and Northwest Morris, as well as Step Clog, Appalachian, Country Dance, Welsh Folk Dance, Belly Dance, Irish Dance, Rapper Sword, and Meon Valley Morris (who defy classification!). We hope you enjoy the displays and are inspired to come and dance yourself at a BunkFest ceilidh!

Please buy our excellent colour programme from the Festival Shop for a full schedule of who is performing and where. Sales of the programme are crucial to the funding of BunkFest, and if you’re watching the dance acts please give as generously as you can to the bucket collectors.

Featured Teams

Meon Valley MorrisAll Weekend & Friday Night Ceilidh

A totally unique and original team, Mark and Pam meld Morris and traditional styles with Lindyhop, Swing, Ballroom and just about everything else they can think of — these acrobatic performances really wow! Catch them dancing round town all weekend, and featuring in the Friday night ceilidh.

Seven ChampionsAll Weekend & Saturday Night Ceilidh

Around town all weekend, and featuring in our Saturday night ceilidh, Seven Champions are a Molly team from Kent. High energy, driving dances and mesmerising music and song, BunkFest are thrilled to welcome this high-quality team! Look out for hobnail boots, painted faces, white shirts, black hats, maroon sashes and brown trousers.

Display Teams A-Z

Abingdon Traditional Morris DancersSunday

Proud veterans of every single BunkFest, ATMD dance under their beautiful antique horns which can be seen from afar!

Aldbrickham Clog and Step DancersSaturday

This diverse group come from Reading and are regular favourites at BunkFest.

Armaleggan Sunday

It's brilliant to have this excellent Border team back at BunkFest! Even the band has great moves!


Mixed Northwest team from Basingstoke, dancing in red, black and white with gorgeous floral hats. That’s Amazingclog!


We're delighted to welcome Bellyfire one of two new Belly Dance troupes to BunkFest!

Berkshire BedlamSaturday

Wokingham’s finest Cotswold team, look out for high capers and striking red and blue rosettes.


Mixed Border from Reading, glowing in the dark with neon colours!

Chiltern HundredsSaturday

Look out for the dark green costumes and high quality moves of this mixed Northwest team from Watford.

Clerical ErrorAll Weekend

We're thrilled to welcome back Clerical Error all the way from north west Wales beware of the dragon!


One of our fabulous local teams, dancing Appalachian to brilliant bluegrass music.

Cry HavocSaturday

This mixed Cotswold team from Botley in Oxford are a delight to behold in black, white and purple.

Datchet Border MorrisAll Weekend

Please give this male Border team a warm welcome to their first BunkFest! Look out for black and red tatters and facepaint.

Dawnswyr BlaenafonSunday

Welcome newcomers to BunkFest, these traditional Welsh dancers bring another style of dance to the festival!

Downes on TourSaturday

Separate Men's and Women's Cotswold Morris sides who always dance out together. Originally formed in South London in the late 1970s as 'Downes', they subsequently metamorphosed into 'on Tour'with no fixed abode and current members scattered around the country.

Ducklington MorrisSunday

From north Oxfordshire, the elegant and graceful Ducklington tradition is danced in whites with yellow and purple ribbons.

Ellington MorrisSaturday

The lovely Ellington are a mixed Cotswold team from Maidenhead, in white with blue and yellow baldricks.


An Enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in turquoise and black tatters lively Border from Somerset.

Hobos MorrisAll Weekend

From Poole, Hobos dance border in red, yellow and black and of course their unmistakeable tiger faces!

Icknield Way Morris MenSaturday

Another local Cotswold team who are regular favourites at BunkFest, Icknield dance in white with pale blue waistcoats.

Kaleidoscope ATSSaturday

This group incorporates world flavours in their folkloric ATS tribal dancing which they then perform completely improvised.

Kennet Morris MenSatuday

Long time BunkFest die-hards, Kennet recently celebrated their 60th Anniversary! Pat them on the back if you see them!

Knights of King InaSunday

This energetic and skillful Cotswold jig team come all the way from Somerset and wear black and white.

Lepton MorrisSunday

Chaos-theory Morris at the subatomic level!

Mabel Gubbins RapperSaturday Evening Tour

Wallingford's most local team, look out for fast-paced itinerant sword dancers with flying velvet sashes.

Mason"s ApronSaturday

Ladies Northwest team from Long Hanborough in Oxfordshire.

Old Speckled HenSaturday

Another very local team, the brilliant Old Speckled Hen dance Northwest in red, green, yellow and white.

Rose HipsSaturday

Possibly the world’s only Folk/Belly fusion team, Rose Hips from Wantage add colour and glamour to the festival!


Brightly coloured shirts and fabulous, intricate footwork are the hallmarks of this Step Clog team from Cirencester.

Shinfield ShamblesSaturday

The second of our teams who have danced at every single BunkFest! Multicoloured ladies Border Morris.

Steampunk MorrisAll Weekend

This simply awesome team are exactly as their name implies prepare to be amazed!

Styx of StroudSaturday

Newcomers to BunkFest, please welcome this mixed Border team who dance in black, red and green.

Summertown MorrisSunday

From Summertown in Oxford, these energetic ladies dance Cotswold in denim blue with orange ribbons.

Tattered in LaceSaturday

Our other new Belly Dance troupe debuting this year!

The Maguire O"Shea Academy of Irish DanceAll Weekend

Our favourite local Irish dancers will be showing off their fabulous routines and flashy moves!

Theale TattooSaturday

Mixed Step Clog team from Theale near Reading, look out for black and purple kit and listen for the rhythms!

Tipyn O BopethSunday

So delightful to have old BunkFest friends Tipyn O Bopeth back with us we hope they won't be too hot in their stunning Welsh traditional dress!

Whitethorn MorrisSatuday

Ladies Northwest team from Harrow, dancing in red, blue and white.

Wicket BroodSaturday

From Bricket Wood in Hertfordshire, this mixed Border team are a force of nature in their purple and green tatters!

Windsor Morris

Here comes the Windsor Morris!This first-class women's Cotswold team from Windsor in Berkshireare sure to dazzle with their athletic dancing.