Now an established part of the festival fringe, at Centre 70, right next to the main Showground, will be packed with all manner of workshops on Saturday and Sunday. You’re welcome to come and try your hand at bell ringing, Irish drum, spoons, fiddle, stringed instruments and choirs. There’ll be something here for everyone, and all ages are welcome.

This year there will be no advance booking – just turn up on the day. We’re trying to recoup some of the costs, so we’ll be charging a very reasonable £5.00 for each hour-and-a-half workshop. Please bring the cash with you.


Workshop Showcase – Cross Keys Stage at 1pm on Sunday

All workshop participants are invited to sing/play a Workshop Showcase at the Cross Keys Stage at 1pm on Sunday. The words and tunes will be rehearsed as 12.00pm at the C70 centre, then we’ll proceed directly from there to the venue.

Event Photography

If you’re a keen photographer, we need pictures of the Bunkfest! You can either just send them to or come along at 10am Saturday morning to join other enthusiasts and work out a schedule between you. This is a self-administered workshop!

Introducing The Tutors

Anne WilsonBunFest Choir

Anne is a local choir conductor and founding member of close harmony quintet Shiraz. Come along and experience the joy of singing in a group with simple part songs guaranteed to make you go away humming and feeling uplifted. No previous choir experience necessary.

Caroline WatshamMusical Saw

Wow ! Betcha you’ve never done this! An introduction to the musical saw - an instrument which was hugely popular in the days of Music Hall and Variety and which is now enjoying something of a resurgence all around the world. Caroline will show participants how to get their first notes from an ordinary woodwork saw (with safely blunted teeth!) and aim to get them all playing a simple tune. Saws and bows provided.

Gay & Alan CooperHandbells

Here’s something unusual – handbells. They were semi-finalists on Britain’s Got Talent. They have performed and taught around the world, from Canada and USA to Japan and Korea. Come and ring some bells with some of the country’s finest exponents of the art.

Geoff LeaverIntermediate Mandolin

The workshop is aimed at improving mandolin players. Geoff will help you look at some of the techniques to improve playing and gain confidence and will try out some tunes written in parts. A knowledge of reading from tablature and/or musical notation will be helpful, as well as some knowledge of basic chords.

Jacqui Johnson Session Tunes

Jacqui is a music teacher and performer, and is the cellist in Moonrakers. The Session Workshop is for tune players of all standards, and strummers are welcome. Come for a selection of well-known session and dance tunes played at a pace suitable to you. Music provided for those who read.

Jon BennettWhistle, Ukulele and Blues Guitar

Jon is a music teacher and performer (Moonrakers) who organises weekend residential and day workshops across the country every year, including Folk Orchestra at Benslow Music and Halsway Manor. (i) For the Whistle Workshop, please bring a high D whistle – we’ll work through some techniques and decorations of well-known tunes (music provided). (ii) For the Ukulele Workshop please bring your own instrument – all standards welcome. Jon has instruction videos and much more at (iii) For the Blues Guitar Workshop, bring your own instrument for this intermediate class.

Liz van SantenStretch, Move, Relax & Slow Jam

Calling all creative movers and shakers! Liz will provide an inspiring movement workshop exploring her own unique blend of stretching, Yoga, creative movement and relaxation. The session will be low impact and promote well-being, increased flexibility and lots of fun! * Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a small towel or mat if possible *. Liz is also fiddle & concertina player with Moonrakers and will run a "slow jam" workshop for intermediate players of all instruments.

Norman Guiver Playing by Ear and Banjo

Only read sheet music? Classically trained? Think those that play by ear have some special gift? Want to jam with others? Whatever your instrument, bring it along and at the end of the session you will have learned to play a beautiful tune or two, with your eyes closed. (ii) Banjo. Bring your 5 string banjo, come along and look at vintage banjos and try them out. We will look at the history of the 5 string banjo and if you are struggling with "drop thumb" then we will cover some techniques as well.

Sarah Clark & Mark BeesArgentine Tango

Introduction to Argentine Tango. A workshop for complete beginners designed to show you the basics of this beautiful dance. No partner needed and no previous dance experience required. Mark and Sarah teach tango locally and believe if you can walk you can tango!

Sarah FellMusic for the Un-Musical

The benefits of singing and playing music with other people are well known, but what if you don’t have a musical bone in your body? Come along to try out a selection of musical activities (including hand chimes and boomwhackers) for which no knowledge or experience of music is required! Sarah plays with Moonrakers and runs Music and Melodies.

Short Drag RogerShanties

Short Drag Roger sings traditional sea shanties, some dating back as far as the sixteenth century. Come and learn what shanty men and crews did aboard the sailing ships of a bygone age. We maintain the true character of work songs - but the rich chorus harmonies are all our own! This is a workshop, so audience participation is essential.

Tatiana SoloviovaTraditional Russian Dance

Highly regarded dance instructor and singer, Tatiana, introduces you to Russian dance. No prior experience necessary, but a sense of rhythm will help! Tatiana is in the group Strannik.

The SkepticsA Cappella Singing

'The Skeptics', are a North Oxfordshire based male a cappella trio who have fast become known locally for their stunning harmonies and distinctive style. With their musical roots firmly planted in a variety of styles including folk, jazz and choral, they will lead you through close harmony singing. All ages welcome.